Orange County Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

When you and your spouse agree to an open discussion regarding the terms of your divorce, this is known as a collaborative divorce. The end goal is a mutually agreed upon settlement that both parties are happy with. A collaborative divorce is the simplest and smoothest way to proceed with ending a marriage. Both parties will reach agreements about your divorce and your future dealings with each on your own. An attorney helps you, but you are in the driver’s seat.

How can Razai & Nefulda help?

It’s always preferable when you are able to work together during the divorce process, making smart decisions for your family. Our divorce attorney’s take a professional and understanding approach to a collaborative divorce.

At Razai & Nefulda you can expect that we will:

  • Listen to what you and your spouse feel is important
  • Minimize conflict by encouraging open communication
  • Provide the pros and cons to all possible steps and solutions
  • Empower you to be in control of your divorce process
  • Keep the focus on what’s best for the children’s best interest
  • Provide resources to help bring financial and emotional stability post-divorce

The key to success in a collaborative divorce is open, clear, and honest communication. Spouses must be willing to listen to each other and make decisions that are in the interests of everyone involved – not just their own. It’s from these decisions that you will take the first steps into a new phase of your life.

We can help.

We have experience handling collaborative divorces and we’re experts at helping clients achieve their goals. We’re dedicated, not just to getting to the end as quickly as possible, but to providing resources, paying attention, and being the best advocate possible.

If you think a collaborative divorce is the way to proceed or you’d like some more information, please call us today at 714-663-9900 to set up a consultation.

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“I want to thank Mr. Razai and his law firm for helping me with my divorce. I felt comfortable with him from the first time we spoke. Upon meeting him I felt at ease and appreciated his professionalism and explanation of what was to come ahead.”

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