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Our Orange County family law attorney practice is entirely devoted to divorce and family law. That means that our attorneys have the training, experience and knowledge to ensure that proper procedure, protocol and laws are applied appropriately to each case to ensure outcomes that are as favorable to our clients as possible. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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Draft & ExecutePrenuptial Agreements

California law allows people who are planning to get married or who are already married to enter into binding agreements that can control the issues related to property division and how financial matters will be handled should the marriage end in divorce.

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ComplexProperty Division

One of the most contentious issues in many divorces is the way that property will be divided between the parties. California is a community property state, which means that any asset that is acquired during the marriage, while the couple is living together will be divided equally between them unless there is an agreement to the contrary.

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Child Custody

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Divorce Planning

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LGBT Representation

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We recognize the challenges associated with the divorce and family law litigation process. Family law issues can be both uncertain and overwhelmingly complicated. Our Orange County family law attorneys are knowledgeable in all facets of divorce and family law from domestic partnerships to the most complex and high conflict cases involving financials and child custody issues. Since we focus exclusively on family law, we keep up to date on the latest laws and developments that impact the practice of divorce and family law. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to identify creative strategies aimed at resolution with a focus towards expediency and efficiency. When settlement is not possible, our skilled Orange County divorce attorneys will bring the matter to a conclusion in a court of law.

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With so much at stake rest in knowing that our Orange County family law attorneys will tirelessly and aggressively protect your interests.



A winning strategy starts with preparation well before litigation. We analyze the pros and cons of every case to educate our clients on the weaknesses and strengths of their cases and our approach is tailored to mitigate the weaknesses and emphasis the strengths.


Commitment to Clients

We are parents. We are spouses. We are Orange County family law attorneys. We know the headaches and heartaches that clients endure throughout the process. We treat each client as a partner in the process, making their success one that we are personally committed to from inception to conclusion.


Success Both In
and Out of the Courtroom

Many firms represent themselves as litigators, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. We know the family code. We know the evidence code. We know civil practice and procedure. We use that knowledge to either resolve cases informally (through settlement to the greatest extent possible) and to further your cause in a court of law when settlement isn’t possible.

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You have likely searched the internet, browsed numerous websites looking for the best Orange County family law attorney and everything may seem like a blur (so many firms, so many websites, so many questions). You ask yourself: Who can you trust to tell you the truth? Are you in the hands of family law attorneys that truly care more about you than your pocketbook? What if you choose the wrong attorney? You are not alone in the process.

Read what some of our clients have to say about us. Who better than real people who have gone through similar situations to describe to you their experience with our firm? They wanted the right fit. They wanted experienced attorneys. They wanted aggressive representation without breaking the bank. They wanted an attorney and a firm invested in the outcome of their case and their cause. They got it when they chose our firm. They got results.

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What Some Of Our Clients Have to SayAbout Razai & Nefulda

"After a year of working with another divorce law firm whose primary goal was to bill me until there was no money left, I dumped my attorney and hired Shakeb Razai. Shakeb was a godsend. He did not bill me for the first meeting, and once hired, he was as honest and fair as one would expect but rarely gets in today’s legal world. He did such a great job protecting me and my kids that I have referred over 10 clients to him. Here are the exact words from one of my clients after I referred her to Shakeb, 'Shakeb did for me in 4 days what my previous attorney was still working on for four years.' Thank you Shakeb for being so honest and fair. I will keep referring any clients that need your services to you!"


"I’ve trusted Shakeb Razai with not one, but two of my family law matters and each time I can say that the results were great! Shakeb is very knowledgeable, strategic, and gets the job done as quickly as possible. I can’t recommend his firm and his services enough to anyone who may need the services of a skilled family law and divorce attorney. You won’t be disappointed."


"Divorce is never easy. It certainly isn’t easy when you’re trying to find an attorney who will represent who you are. I was looking for someone fair, but tough. Mr. Razai and his staff were more than I expected. He handled everything himself, and was determined to do what was best for my kids and me. He was quick to let me know when my request was not to my benefit; especially if it wasn’t cost effective. I ended up with a slightly high conflict case, dealing with a difficult personality on the other side, and was even more satisfied with how Mr. Razai and his office handled these specific areas of my case. I will forever be grateful that they were on my side during this trying time."


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