About Our Orange County Family Law Firm


At Razai & Nefulda we provide our clients with the finest in legal services. We are skilled litigators equipped with the knowledge and compassion to bring matters to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Expert Representation Tailor Fit to Your Needs:
We acknowledge and embrace the differences in families and understand that each client will have distinctive issues and needs during the course of his or her case. We tailor fit our representation to the unique circumstances of each and every client. After all, shouldn’t your representation be based on the unique facts of your case as opposed to a uniform approach that most other firms employ on every case? By tailoring our representation based on the wants and needs of our clients, we ensure representation that addresses each client’s specific goals and concerns. From start to finish, our strategy in each case is unique to the people we represent, the issues at stake, and the outcomes we pursue.

Efficient and Expert Partners in the Process:

Our practice is entirely devoted to the practice of divorce and family law. That means that our attorneys have the training, experience and knowledge to ensure that proper procedure, protocol and laws are applied appropriately to each case to ensure outcomes that are as favorable to our clients as possible. We highlight the strengths of each case and bring awareness to our clients of potential weaknesses in their cases that may impact the results, while mitigating those weaknesses during the litigation process.

Part of our commitment to you is to ensure that we are worthy of your trust. This means being up to date with the ever-changing field of family law and other procedures in the local courts that make the difference between winning and losing a case. The skills, knowledge and capabilities of our attorneys in and out of the courtroom are evident in the high accolades our attorneys receive from both the bench and bar alike. Our business is referral based, which means that clients, judicial officers, experts, adversaries and other law firms trust us with their referrals.


The Search Ends Here:

You have likely searched the internet, browsed numerous websites and everything may seem like a blur (so many firms, so many websites, so many questions). You ask yourself: Who can you trust to tell you the truth? Are you in the hands of attorneys that truly care more about you than your pocketbook? What if you choose the wrong attorney? You are not alone in the process.

Read what some of our clients have to say about us. Who better than real people who have gone through similar situations to describe to you their experience with our firm? They wanted the right fit. They wanted experienced attorneys. They wanted aggressive representation without breaking the bank. They wanted an attorney and a firm invested in the outcome of their case and their cause. They got it when they chose our firm. They got results.

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