Here is a glimpse of some of the victories and case results we’ve obtained for our clients. There isn’t enough time or space on this web site to put down all of the victories and case results, but you should have a good representative sample of how truly hard we work for our clients and the results that we get for them. After all, the end results do all the talking – don’t take our word for it.

The following victories and case results do not in any way guarantee you will get the same or similar results, but they do help you see how talented and hardworking attorneys and good people (like you) can get the results they deserve. Every case is different. Each unique set of facts, judicial officer, parties and phase of the litigation will impact the end results. Your results may vary. Remember, no two cases are alike. No two people are the same. Unique circumstances will result in unique results.

In a case of non-compliance with Court orders, discovery orders and misconduct by the wife, family law and divorce attorney, Shakeb A. Razai, was able to convince the Court the morning of trial to strike the wife’s response to the petition by granting terminating sanctions against wife (the worst type of sanction that can ever be granted in a divorce proceeding) and permitting the victim spouse to proceed by default, resulting in a Judgment of over $250,000.00 against the wife (in terms of property) in addition to attorney’s fees and sanctions against wife of more than $100,000.00.
Attorney, Jordan Nefulda, prevails in private trial on the issue of spousal support. After husband worked years in horrible work environments to be able to pay his spousal support, Jordan Nefulda was able to get the Court to make a finding that husband was not required to work in deplorable working conditions nor did he have to work in the same industry he worked for years (as wife was trying to argue). The Court denied wife’s request to modify spousal support upward. The Court denied wife’s request to impute income to husband. The Court made a finding that wife and her attorney were completely unreasonable and set support at a reasonable amount (which our client could afford to pay), which was ultimately set to $0.00 before the permanent spousal support trial. Wife had incurred over $250,000.00 in attorneys fee on a temporary spousal support order! Husband paid a tiny fraction of that for his representation. Good people do prevail with good lawyers by their sides!
In a case that was dragged out by our client’s former wife in front of the Department of Child Support Services, family law and divorce attorney, Shakeb A. Razai, was able to have the Court make a finding that wife’s credibility was severely lacking to the point the Court could not trust anything she said (the Court made that finding in its final orders that it issued), defeated a writ (or appeal) in the middle of the hearings against two law firms representing ex wife to preclude the use of her income information (as she had remarried) and had the Court order ex wife to pay support to our client after years of payments by him to her.
In a case where our client’s husband attempted to get joint custody of the children of the parties by petitioning the Court, family law and divorce attorney, Shakeb A. Razai, proved to the Court husband’s abuse of controlled substances, attacked the testimony of husband’s expert who testified during the hearing, and had the Court order monitored contact for husband with the minor children, followed by an order allowing our client to move away with the minor children.
Wife secured a spousal support order based on fraud, but we knew that wife was lying and it took some time to expose her fraud. Once we had the evidence in hand, we filed multiple motions with the Court exposing wife’s fraud on the Court, perjuries, and breach of her fiduciary duties, resulting in wife agreeing to a very limited spousal support order for a fraction of the length of the marriage (and their marriage was well over 15 years). Wife received nothing in attorney’s fees (even though she owed her attorneys tens of thousands in fees and costs), but realized that the consequences of appearing in Court after being caught with her fraud were too great and she buckled and settled on terms that our client was thrilled with at the end.
Jordan Nefulda secures an order BEFORE trial that husband breached his fiduciary duties on multiple grounds. The Court sanctioned husband monetarily, which was followed by a contempt action against him with the end result being a guilty plea on over 20 counts of contempt by husband. The Court ordered a forensic accountant at husband’s cost. The Court ordered a forensic investigator at husband’s cost. Husband was ordered to pay $10,000.00 in attorney’s fees and costs for the motion filed by Jordan Nefulda.
Attorney Shakeb A. Razai files to get our client sole physical custody of the minor child due to the other party’s use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. The other party denies the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol (as the Court order precluded his use of such substances). With the use of a private investigator that tracked the other party (with photographic evidence of the other party’s perjuries and violations of the Court’s orders) our client got sole physical custody and the other party was ordered on monitored visitations.
Husband refused to settle the case at the outset of the proceedings on very generous terms for him, which forced a temporary family support order being issued that was more than what wife initially was willing to settle for at the outset of the proceedings, not to mention a generous chunk of husband’s annual bonus income. Husband continued to make the litigation process as difficult as possible. He was ordered to pay more than $30,000.00 in attorney’s fees and costs. His spousal support obligation was increased at the permanent spousal support trial (more than his temporary orders) and the Court ordered spousal support for nearly the entire length of the marriage on a marriage of less than 10 years in duration, even though he wanted the Court to have the support order ceased, if not payable for only one-half of the length of the marriage.
Wife made allegations of sexual abuse of minor children by husband. Wife filed a domestic violence restraining order against husband. After retaining attorney, Shakeb A. Razai, husband was able to have the restraining order dismissed. Husband was also able to prove wife’s allegations of sexual abuse without merit and succeeded in regaining custody of his children.
Attorney Shakeb Razai secured sole legal and sole physical custody of the minor children for our client and had mother put on supervised visitations after proving to the Court parental alienation by mother. The Court initially had a family member serve as the monitor, but after a second hearing wherein Mr. Razai crossed-examined the family member and exposed inappropriate text messages and social media posts regarding our client (disparagement), he succeeded in having the Court remove the family member as a monitor and order an alternate monitor at mother’s cost finding that the initial monitor was violating Court orders and was biased causing a conflict of interest.