Orange County Child Support Attorneys

Even after a divorce, both parents are responsible for providing financial support to their children. A divorce settlement must specify child support arrangements regardless of whether the child or children are biological or adopted. This also applies to domestic partnerships.

Child support covers the basic costs of raising your child. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Clothing


How Child Support is Determined in Orange County

Child support is determined by a mandatory formula that the Courts utilize with various computer programs (such as the “x-spouse” or “dissomaster” computer programs – the Department of Child Support Services uses a similar but different program), which take into consideration the number of children, the respective timeshare or percentage of time each parent has visitation or parenting time with the minor children (out of a 100% rubric), the filing status of each respective parent (single, head of household, married filing jointly or separately, etc.), the number of exemptions, each parent’s respective income and certain deductions that come from pay (i.e. health insurance, required or mandatory union dues, property taxes, mortgage interest deductions, mandatory retirement, etc.) and other various input fields.

The Courts must ensure that the child support orders are “guideline” or consistent with the computer programs unless the parties agree to a lower child support number or a higher child support number (and there are some exceptions on when the Court, on its own, can go above the “guideline” support order). In addition to “base” child support.

meaning what one parent may pay the other parent in basic child support, the Courts can order certain “add-ons” for child support, such as daycare costs, out-of-pocket medical, dental, visitation or health care costs/co-pays, etc.

Child support is usually ordered paid until each minor child reaches the age of 18 or if the minor child is unmarried and a full-time high school student, then support continues until the child completes high school or turns 19. Keep in mind that child support is not automatically modified just because your child moves in with you or lives with you or if you lose your job or whatever the situation may be. You MUST have it modified otherwise you will owe whatever amounts you failed to pay despite the fact that your time increased with your child (this will create an arrearage and you have no option but to pay it). The same applies to various other situations (if you lose your job, if the other parent is now working or making more than when the order was first issued, etc.).

How Can Razai & Nefulda Help?

Our Orange County child support attorneys have represented numerous clients in making the right decision as to what steps that should and shouldn’t be taken on establishing and/or modifying child support. Our attorneys have experience helping both custodial parents seek the support they deserve and non-custodial parents who believe that their ex-spouse is taking advantage of them.

If children are a part of your divorce, regardless of whether you and your spouse are on amicable terms, a knowledgeable child support attorney is essential. Whether you are seeking support for basic needs like food, education, and medical expenses or you need to seek a reduction in support due to a change in your financial circumstance, Razai & Nefulda can help you.

We work hard for you and your children to get the most positive and beneficial results. We know what steps to take, what paperwork and documentation are needed, and we know how difficult it can be to deal with these issues. Our aim is to support you through this process.

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