Civil harassment restraining orders

Restraining orders are most commonly associated with domestic violence by a spouse, parent, or intimate partner. However, in some situations, it is necessary for you to obtain legal protections to avoid harm from someone else who is not a domestic partner or family member. If you have been the victim of violence, threats of violence, harassment, or stalking, the law in California allows you to seek protection by requesting a civil harassment restraining order.

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Helping You Obtain Legal Protection

In order to obtain a civil harassment restraining order, you first must have experienced some type of abuse, sexual assault, serious harassment, or threats that made you fearful of such conduct. The perpetrator cannot be a romantic partner or family member but is often one of the following:

  • Roommate with no romantic history
  • Neighbor
  • Friend or acquaintance
  • More distant relatives such as an uncle or aunt (at least two degrees removed)
  • Others who have no close relation to you

If you obtain a restraining order, the court orders the subject of the order not to contact or be near you or those with whom you live, which includes staying away from the home, work, and school or you, your children, and members of your household. Violating the order can have serious consequences, so you can have legal protection from future incidents.

Fighting Against Unnecessary Restraining Orders

Having a civil harassment restraining order issued against you can mean many restrictions for you. For example, it can limit where you go, who you can speak to, and your ability to possess a gun. If someone requests any type of restraining order against you, it is critical to seek legal representation to ensure your rights are protected. If you are the subject of a case in LA County or Orange County, our legal team can help you.

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