We are not over-exaggerating when we say that our family law clients love us. The very people who were once in your situation want you to know about their experiences with our firm. In the end they got the results they were looking for, if not more. We mean it when we say that we are with you through every step of the process. Your goals are our goals. Your sleepless nights become our problems. Your success becomes our mission. We love what we do and that shows in the results we achieve for our clients. These are examples out of a small sample set of our cases.

Please keep in mind that every case is fact specific and different, and that these verdicts and settlements do not represent what we may be able to obtain for you in your specific case.

After a year of working with another divorce law firm whose primary goal was to bill me until there was no money left, I dumped my attorney and hired Shakeb Razai. Shakeb was a godsend. He did not bill me for the first meeting, and once hired, he was as honest and fair as one would expect but rarely gets in today’s legal world. He did such a great job protecting me and my kids that I have referred over 10 clients to him. Here are the exact words from one of my clients after I referred her to Shakeb, “Shakeb did for me in 4 days what my previous attorney was still working on for four years.” Thank you Shakeb for being so honest and fair. I will keep referring any clients that need your services to you!


I’ve trusted Shakeb Razai with not one, but two of my family law matters and each time I can say that the results were great! Shakeb is very knowledgeable, strategic, and gets the job done as quickly as possible. I can’t recommend his firm and his services enough to anyone who may need the services of a skilled family law and divorce attorney. You won’t be disappointed.


Divorce is never easy. It certainly isn’t easy when you’re trying to find an attorney who will represent who you are. I was looking for someone fair, but tough. Mr. Razai and his staff were more than I expected. He handled everything himself, and was determined to do what was best for my kids and me. He was quick to let me know when my request was not to my benefit; especially if it wasn’t cost effective. I ended up with a slightly high conflict case, dealing with a difficult personality on the other side, and was even more satisfied with how Mr. Razai and his office handled these specific areas of my case. I will forever be grateful that they were on my side during this trying time.


I have been going through a custody battle for over 7 years, and I have been through over a dozen if not more consultations. I have also been through at least 3, if not more lawyers. I have been in and out of court and if it wasn’t for Jordan I wouldn’t have what I have now. When I went to meet Jordan I really thought it was going to be another dead end for me. However, during the consultation he wasn’t only kind and respectful, but he listened and showed concern. He gave me a lot of insight and honest answers. He told me upfront what it was going to take and that it was going to take some time and effort on both our parts. That day of the consultation I went out to the car and spoke to my parents, we talked and talked and even cried because we felt we were at another dead end. We prayed on it for a few minutes and something or someone said go with him trust me. So I went right back in and said I wanted to hire him. We sat back down and started on the paperwork, low and be hold we started talking and come to find out Jordan goes to the same church I do. I have been asking for a godly Lawyer and here one is, I said to myself I see why I picked you. My mother said “It was truly a joy when I first met Jordan. Looking for a good lawyer for my son to get more visitation with his children was a chore. Once meeting Jordan it was a given, ‘He’s the one’.” She said “Jordan is a very smart, kind and considerate lawyer and is out to help you no matter what it takes.” He spent many many days at the court house for us and I didn’t have to miss much work at all. He was able to convince the judge regarding many issues that seemed to be over looked. Jordan was just not going to let it go. Jordan is an extremely pleasant person to talk to and he understands your situation and is always willing to go the extra mile. Jordan had results and we were plenty happy. He has a great knowledge base and is willing to share anything with you if you need the information. My children and I don’t owe Jordan anything, but we thank him for everything, even my 9 year old daughter wrote him a letter thanking him for all he has done. I would recommend Jordan to anyone at any time. He is a very trust worthy person and stands by his words. Jordan, my family and I thank you for all you have and still do, we pray for blessings over you and your family, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


I write this from experience, as I have used family law attorneys three times. Yes, I am a three-time divorce man. Disappointed at best with my first two lawyers, I was so pleased I found Jordan Nefulda. Jordan provided me a half-hour, no cost interview with as much enthusiasm and explanation as possible. Although I had been through it two times before, he told me about the law changes and what to expect. He is all about protecting his clients. His law practice is 100% family law. This is really important as that means he spends all his time with the latest legal developments on family law and not car accidents or worker’s compensation. I was pleased throughout the process. In the end, my ex and I worked out our own terms with Jordan drawing up the final papers. He did that well and all was settled out of court. Also, we all know one of the key things people do not like is attorney billings. Jordan was fair on everything and sometimes he would not bill for “quick” questions. Lastly, Jordan’s office is “just around the corner” from the court house saving sometimes hours of billing. If you would like to talk with me call the attorney’s office and tell them that you want me to call you.


During one of the hardest, most stressful and most important times in my life, I was forced to dig my feet into the ground and fight back for the protection and happiness of me and my children. Thanks to Shakeb Razai, I never felt more confident and blessed to have someone so dedicated, motivated, and driven to be by my side! I am so thankful and wouldn’t be where I am today had I not found him. His confidence and professionalism made me feel secure in my time of frustration. Thank you for your hard work for me and my family!


I came to Jordan Nefulda very distraught and sad when I began my divorce in 2009. Jordan listened to me and helped me understand what was ahead as I began my divorce, child custody battle, and protecting my own personal assets. Dealing with an aggressive and angry ex-partner was very hard on me, but Jordan always helped me stay focused and he made it clear that his goal was to protect me and my kids from any danger or harm. I am so grateful that I found Jordan. My kids felt safe with him helping us and they were always welcomed in his office. I always knew that Jordan would call me back anytime I needed him. He was always there for me and he seemed to know how to give peace and comfort. Even while he was away from the office, he called me to check in and update me on any news during very stressful times. I have a tremendous amount of faith in Jordan Nefulda and Shakeb Razai. They are very knowledgeable in family law and take great care of their clients. I am in a good place today because of the help I received from Razai & Nefulda. I will continue to refer this firm to anyone who needs good, honest and reliable help with any family law matter.


Since the dissolution of my brief marriage in 1998, I found myself constantly being brought back to court which culminated in 2009, when my former spouse reported me to the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). After 12 years of being on the defensive, it was suggested that I retain the services of the law firm of Razai & Nefulda, APC. Messrs. Razai and Nefulda are and were very professional as well as engaging personally. Their learned advice and counseling culminated in 2013 with the cessation of my monthly payments to DCSS and brought the truth to light that my former spouse was, in fact, making more money than myself which provided that I was to receive child support after 16 years of me paying. I will remain ever thankful for their help in a nightmarish scenario and for finally ending an unbearable cycle. I am obliged to, and with great pleasure, recommend the law firm of Razai & Nefulda APC to any individual who seeks thorough, prompt and professional guidance under the family law system.


If you are looking for a lawyer who is honest and forward and can get things done in the fastest most economical way possible, Shakeb Raza is your guy. He works hard for you and stands behind his work and more. He doesn’t give you the run around the other lawyers do. He does the whole work himself so when it comes to trial time (god forbid), he knows how to handle your case. He doesn’t have to look over his shoulder to ask some assistant lawyer to brief him on what is going on. He fights for you with all he’s got and that is rare these days. I had the privilege of being his client for more than 2 years and every time my case has been nothing but success with him. I do highly recommend him!


Jordan, going through a divorce was very emotional and painful. I can’t thank you enough for all of your counsel through the divorce process. I am finally putting the pieces of my life back together, thanks to you. You and your staff provided exceptional service at a reasonable rate. You were professional, honest, caring and very knowledgeable. You promptly returned all of my phone calls and emails. I especially appreciated the way you always spent time explaining the process, what options I had, and what to expect. I had many hard decisions to make, but with your advice I always felt I made the best decision. I believe we obtained the best settlement possible for my case. Your calm, efficient, and professional manner in which you handled my case made it a pleasure to work with you. I am very happy to have had an attorney like you on my side and I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you!


After a year full of difficulties I had to deal with, Shakeb Razai put all of his time and effort into my situation when I hired him. With that said, the results were outstanding! Shakeb provided me with a lot of guidance because I had no idea what I was going into. Shakeb was able to explain the different scenarios of what could happen with every decision I had to make. I know for a fact that without Shakeb being aggressive with my ex and explaining to me key details that applied in my situation, I don’t think the results would have turned out the way they did. I am beyond pleased with Shakeb’s excellent knowledge of the system. He was efficient in responding to my emails and messages. Shakeb’s guidance through my situation and the advice he gave me provided my family with the best results we could ever ask for. Thanks Shakeb for all of the hard work you have done for us!


I want to thank Mr. Razai and his law firm for helping me with my divorce. I felt comfortable with him from the first time we spoke. Upon meeting him I felt at ease and appreciated his professionalism and explanation of what was to come ahead. I truly felt that I had met and made a new friend. The 2 years it took was difficult but he made it all worth it by winning! He always does an exceptional job in court and we have never lost. He guided me through the process and was there every step of the way. We had so many barriers along the way, but somehow he managed to find a way to turn the judgments & court orders in our favor. I would recommend hiring Mr. Razai in a heartbeat. He is a passionate and extremely intelligent attorney who genuinely cares about you. Most importantly, he will win. I received ten times more than I expected in my case!


I would like to personally thank Shakeb Razai and Razai & Nefulda for the exceptional service I received as a recent client. Their attention to detail, knowledge and compassion for their clients makes the reason for being in their office much easier. I was a client for just over 2 years, and in that time, I never felt rushed nor did I feel like I was being taken advantage of financially. I was so thankful for this. The office staff has the same attitude. They always did what they said they would in exactly the time frame they had promised. This was appreciated. In this situation, there is so much on the line financially and emotionally. I do not wish for anyone to go through this type of life-changing situation; however, if faced with it, I highly recommend having Shakeb Razai behind you. I would never hesitate to send someone to this office, as I know they would be well taken care of.