Dissolution of a domestic partnerships

The dissolution of a domestic partnership is and isn’t different from a divorce in many respects. The law recognizes that the same laws applicable to dissolution of marriages (divorces) apply equally to the dissolution of domestic partnerships (custody, support, division of property, etc.).

There are no presumptions favoring one sex over the other (in same-sex domestic partnerships); however, oftentimes LGBT clients may feel uncomfortable working with attorneys that do not understand the emotional and personal issues that they may be undergoing in the process (or those that haven’t handled such cases in the past or those clients that may feel judged – we hear this time and time again from clients who have either had prior counsel, or who are interviewing counsel before hiring one).

Our attorneys have represented many LGBT clients (from LGBT lawyers, teachers, educators, friends, homemakers to business owners). Every family is unique and their dynamics are just as unique. The dissolution process is a very personal one. We know that the personal relationship between an attorney and a client can have a significant impact on how a client perceives his or her needs being met, concerns being heard and rights begin protected.

Some of our closest friends, colleagues, and family members are LGBT. We understand that what’s important for you is just as equally important to us.

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