Enforcement of Orders

Have a judgment for support or property division that you have been unable to collect on? Is your ex-spouse not cooperating with Court orders? Do you need someone to start collection efforts to get you what you were entitled to get? If so, call to speak with one of our experienced collection attorneys. We will evaluate your specific matter to determine the best course of action. Some collection matters may be handled on an hourly or contingency basis depending on the specifics of your case.

Our attorneys have been able to collect court-ordered payments through bank levies, QDROs of retirement accounts for payment of certain types of support, wage garnishments and turn-over orders (among other collection efforts). An order that isn’t be enforced means little to your financial well-being down the line. Call to find out what options you have today for your financial wellbeing tomorrow.

Ready To Talk With An Attorney?

Contact our office to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to learn more about the options available and if an annulment is the best option for you. Initial consultations are completely free and will leave you better informed and prepared for whatever you decide to do.